Florida Reemployment Tax

Reemployment tax is paid by employers and the tax collected is deposited into the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund for the sole purpose of paying reemployment assistance benefits to eligible claimants. Only the first $7,000 of wages paid to each employee by their employer in a calendar year is taxable. Employers with stable employment records receive reduced tax rates after a qualifying period.

The minimum and maximum tax rates, effective January 1, 2024, are as follows (based on annual wages up to $7,000 per employee):

  • Minimum rate: .0010 (.1%) or $7.00 per employee
  • Maximum rate: .0540 (5.4%) or $378 per employee

The initial tax rate for new employers is .0270 (2.7%) for all new employers.

All employers must file Quarterly Report (Form RT-6) by the end of each month following the end of the quarter. Reports are due even if employer had no employees or wages to report for that quarter.

Quarter Due By
1st Jan – March April 30
2nd April – June July 31
3rd July – Sept October 31
4th Oct – Dec January 31

A Notice of Benefits Paid (Form RT-1) listing the reemployment assistance benefits charged to your account is mailed approximately two weeks after the end of every quarter if your business incurred benefit charges.